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Levi Hugo Aston

"I was looking for a breath of life..."

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Name:Levi Hugo Aston
Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

I was looking for a breath of a life
For a little touch of heavenly light

Breath of Life, Florence & the Machine

Levi Hugo Aston was born in Hawaii to Southern Belle and reigning Miss Georgia, Savannah-Grace Barlow, and Californian-born surfing instructor, Barney Aston. They had a whirlwind summer romance when Savannah-Grace took an extended holiday to Hawaii to celebrate winning her crown and it resulted in a positive pregnancy test and a quickie wedding on the beach because Savannah-Grace demanded it knowing her conservative parents would be furious if she gave birth out of wedlock. The wedding lasted all of six weeks and ashamed, thinking she would risk her chances as Miss America, ran back to Georgia and left Levi holding the baby.

Barney had no idea what to do, and ended up jumping on a plane to New York City to take Levi to his parents place, where they had moved to from California when Barney started college (but later dropped out). Barney wasn't ready to give up his surfie bachelor party life in Hawaii, and ended up leaving Levi with his grandparents, who raised him. Because of all this, Levi never had much of a relationship with his parents. His mother was a self-centred, materialistic, appearance-obsessed walking plastic surgery case and his father thought he would never age beyond 30 and acted like it. Levi was happy with his grandparents and they raised him really well, encouraging his keen interest in soccer, which he played right through school.

This lead to him being awarded a full-ride college soccer scholarship with the University of Notre Dame, where he went and lived on campus. It was in his final year of college that he was scouted by Liverpool United in England and flew over to meet the team before he would start the next season in August. After that, he came back to New York to spend the rest of his summer with his grandparents before he moved to another country. They were incredibly proud of him and his success, but they knew they had to let him go because he was doing what he loved. Levi knew he would miss them unbelievable, but in a horrible twist of fate, it would turn out moving to England wasn't meant to be.

Levi had been riding a motorcycle since his grandfather bought him one for his 18th birthday. He even took it away to college with him, and rode it all the way back to New York when he was done at college. It would be an awful motocycle accident that would crush his dreams to be a professional soccer player. It was evening and a street outwith the main city centre. Levi had the greenlight and the right of way, but as he passed through a crossing, a car ran a red light and slammed into his bike. The bike fell on top of him and got wedged under the front of the car, trapping him underneath it and causing a crush injury to the left side of his chest and his left shoulder. His helmet was stuck on him and they couldn't get it off, and he had stopped breathing because no air was getting to his chest.

He would have die within minutes if it wasn't for Malcolm MacLaren, a trauma surgeon who was a pedestrian waiting at the crossing for the right of way. He acted quickly and managed to perform a tracheotomy on Levi to give him a working airway that kept him alive until the emergency services arrived to free him from the wreck. When Levi was transported to the hospital, he was found to have had a crush injury in his shoulder and needed surgery, which just happened to have been performed by Malcolm because he had been on his way to work to start his shift. Levi was lucky to escape without spinal injuries, but he had a considerable recovery period where he needed a lot of physiotherapy on his shoulder and now, over a year later, still lives on painkillers. He couldn't play sport for a long time, and he had to kiss his dreams of playing for Liverpool goodbye, instead moving back in with his grandparents and trying to figure out what turn his life was supposed to take next.

Turned out, kismet might have even intervened. Once Levi began to recover and was discharged out of Malcolm's care and handed over to a rehab specialist, he and Malcolm seemed to keep crossing paths. So much so that Levi ended up flirtily accusing Malcolm of stalking him. It was at a bar, and he was a bit tipsy to start with, but Levi was never the sort to really censor his thoughts. He told it like it was, and after being a late bloomer and not losing his virginity until his first year in college to a soccer team mate, he was now in a time where he was willing to live it up a little because his entire career prospects had been ruined. One thing led to another, and they ended up getting a hotel room across the street from the bar and fucking for the first time. There was probably some questionable ethics in the whole thing, but Levi didn't have much care for that and he was gone before Malcolm woke up.

Their covert encounters just seemed to keep happening, despite Malcolm previously having been his doctor and a considerable age difference between them. Until Malcolm flat-out told him to stop pursuing him, Levi didn't see any harm in it. They kept hooking up and even though there was resistence on Malcolm's part mostly due to the distinct age gap, it all climaxed when, lying in bed after their latest fuck, Malcolm decided to throw all caution to the wind and casually suggested they get married. It was that point that, as payback for the previous resistence, Levi told him he was over the fling and thanks but no thanks. He wasn't really sure if he was ready to get married or settle down, yet, it still ended up in a simple ceremony at City Hall and they've now been married for three months and counting.

Levi still remains a bit lost, but he does have a job coaching children's soccer team filled with eight and nine year olds. He enjoys playing with the kids and doing about as much as he can manage sports-wise with them, but he knows this isn't where he will be long term. He would say he's happily married because they're a bit unconventional and he prefers it that way, but there's still a sense that he's trying to pick up the pieces of his career and figure out where he belongs now.

Levi is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Levi is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Sean O'Donnell, who belongs to himself.

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